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     We develop inspiring videos to show tribute, celebration, mourning, and the reflection of your life. We use unique storytelling with quotes, friends and family words of encouragement, inspired dramatic readings, captions and labels to describe moments in time. We use dynamic storytelling to help capture as much of your personality, culture, and life lived through photos and videos. We want to help tell your story through your eyes and those that know/knew you best.

     Does a tree make a sound if no one is there to hear it? Is a life really lived if there is no one there to remember and share it? A well-lived life is one that people can remember, one that people can share! It's not how you left this world but how you lived your life! It's ALL about you! What made you? How did you do what you did? We help you to share many of your precious moments in life. We are about sharing a lifetime of memories.

     We offer celebration of life tribute videos, memorial videos, pet tribute videos, special event videos (birthday, anniversary, vacation, etc.), and keepsakes (conversions of old home video to a modern digital format, personalized drink coasters, and photo albums).


Select the time and date you would like for the video to be finished by. An associate will be in touch with you within 24 hours to go over details and confirm the date.
Classic Package
Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun
Birthday Celebration



I actually appreciate the value of a memorial video even more now than I did back when my dad passed away. The video was extremely useful at his funeral but I would consider it a priceless piece of his legacy that I can still view years later.


I was overjoyed by the tribute for our daughters' 50th birthday. It brought back so many wonderful memories of their lives up to the present day. As I get older, it is nice to look at this video and smile as I remember them during their earlier years and compare how they are today. God is good! Sharing A Lifetime is a great way to bring the past and present together. 

The Sharing A Lifetime Company

Tribute videos should be a significant requirement because it is so easy to forget about the details of one's life as time goes on. Tribute videos help maintain the life and legacy of loved ones. 

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