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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. If there is something that you are still confused about, please do not hesitate to ask!

  • What is a caption?
    A caption is a part of the storytelling packages. A caption gives a more indepth understanding to the background of the picture. It could be something that happened specifically that day, explain who all is in the photo, etc. Captions vary based on the package. Example - There is a picture taken 21 years ago. In the picture there is a grandparent holding a child in a pumpkin costume. The label would read "Tamera's first halloween in 1997, being held by her Granny"
  • What is a label?
    A label is a apart of the packages with a storytelling option. Labels give reference to where a group of pictures were taken. Labels vary based on the package. Example - A set of pictures appear in a row from the same trip to Myrtle Beach, the label would appear in the beginning of the pictures and say 'A Trip to Myrtle Beach"
  • What is a quote?
    A quote is a comment added to help bring meaning and context to whatever you are celebrating, remembering, etc. The amount of quotes vary based on the package. Example - Quotes are generally seen in the beginning of the video, end of the video and scattered inbetween. Something you may see in a tribute video is "I believed in him when he was completely wrong. I trusted him when he was clearly misinformed. I only cared to talk to him and spend time with him. - Tony" or "He was the love of my life for 52 years." - Elaine
  • What is the storytelling feature?
    The storytelling feature guides you through an individual's and/or animal's lifetime. It helps to bring context to photos and tell stories. True storytelling will answer the who, what, when, where, why and how of an individual's and/or animal's life. Example - The average video is like seeing a book cover and thinking you know the whole story. A Sharing A Lifetime video with a storytelling feature is similar to opening a book and going through the details and the stories behind the photos.
  • What is a transition?
    A transition is an effect added between photos or videos. It's the entrance and exit from one frame to the next.
  • It says "starting at $", how much will I pay?"
    Prices are determined on a rolling scale. The price is based on the amount of captions, quotes, and labels in a video. The prices listed are the base price for each package. An associate can help further explain your exact cost.
  • Who owns the video?
    All source documents, video, and photos will be considered potential public record. All items submitted to our company must already have permission for release or usage by the party submitting such items. All videos or other produced items are meant for personal use only due to potential copyright laws. Any commercial or potential publication of material must be disclosed in writing before services are rendered.
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